We create solutions that bring people and nature closer together.

We understand and work with the nature around us. We want to help others to do the same, to accept nature and learn about its impact on everyone’s lives.

We want to enable people to communicate with nature in everyday life and let them enjoy it anywhere.

So, we serve both nature and people.



We focus on people – everyone who works at Green’s Green EU contributes to the success of our company. This comes from a shared work ethic, which can be seen in our products. With care being put into each and every item from the moment the moss is sewn on our farm to when it is packaged and sent to you.

Continuous improvement – we are continually re-examining existing methods and processes to see if they can be improved on. We conduct our own research and joint activities with universities and scientists. Our foundation and driving force are the people we work with, who help to increase our joint knowledge through hard work and the “feedback” that we receive while working with our clients.

We strive to ensure that each of our products is of the highest quality – we are systematically working on optimizing our company’s processes. We our first the customer for each of our newly developed products. By ensure that each product reaches our high standards, we can be certain that it is good enough to pass onto you.

We deal with and solve problems at the source – we analyse each problem when it arises. We look for solutions, but we also investigate the cause. We quickly provide information to the entire team and our partners, which significantly reduces the risk of this error repeating itself and allow us to learn from and develop from our mistakes.

We have created a huge knowledge base about mosses which we share both internally and with our clients and partners.



AIM: We bring people and nature closer together. We try to be a link between the common needs of two elements.

OUR CONTRIBUTION: we work hard to pass on our knowledge to others, helping them to understand and accept the need to be part of an ecosystem in which the plant world plays a vital role.

Both physically and mentally, we are unable to cope without nature. Our products and our research, allows people to get closer to nature, relax and find their place in the ecosystem.

Moss as a symbol of nature it strengthens the eternal bond between man and the surrounding environment.