The Kokedama is the flagship product of Green’s Green Ltd.

Our Kokedama have received the prestigious Japanese “Good Design” award for their innovative technique known as MASUMOSS

MASU 枡 (bowl) + MOSS 苔 (moss)

MASUMOSS is the union of plants and moss perfectly set off by a wooden bowl.

It combines both the beauty of moss, with Japanese tradition.

In order to allow you to enjoy our products to their full potential, we thoroughly test the compatibility and suitability of our plants to their moss surroundings before allowing them to be sold to you.

All our mosses are grown in our ‘Moss nursery’ in Poland. This has earnt them the ‘fair moss’ title as we never exploit the natural environment in order to create our products.

All Masumosses are handmade and packaged by us. We inspect each product before shipment to ensure that you can enjoy your Masumoss as much as we do.

Mosses evolved when our planet was a very humid. It is likely that, for this reason mosses have not formed a root system – they simply grow on any surface, absorbing moisture from the air or from rainfall. They can even be found in caves.