The technology used for making walls from living mosses is based on our experience, and the knowledge of our partner company Green’s Green Japan.

Our living walls change and grow slowly over time making them easy to care for. All they need to survive is sunlight and water.

Each species of moss used on the walls must grow for at least one season in our nursery. This ensures that the piece you receive is fully grown and that you can enjoy it from the very first day it arrives with you.

Living moss vertical gardens are a unique way to bring nature inside your home or business.

Due to the properties of mosses, walls made of live moss are ideal for improving air quality and regulating indoor humidity.

Mosses have perhaps the best air purifying and oxygenating properties of any plant. This is partly due to their huge surface area – essentially mosses are “green lungs” trapping all kinds of pollutants, allergens and harmful particles. Mosses and their accompanying beneficial microbes actually “feed on” these particles as they provide nutrients from the air and water – moss has no roots.

Moss is such an effective filter owing to its enormous surface area (it is estimated that there are as many as 5 million small leaves per square meter of moss).